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Advantages Of Dc Servo Motor
- Sep 06, 2017 -

 Advantages of Dc Servo motor

Let's take a look under the advantages of Dc Servo motor as below :-

1. High output power relative to motor size and weight.

2. Encoder determines accuracy and resolution.

3.High efficiency. It can approach 90% at light loads.

4.High torque to inertia ratio. It can rapidly accelerate loads.

5.Has "reserve" power. 2-3 times continuous power for short periods.

6.Has "reserve" torque. 5-10 times rated torque for short periods.

7.Motor stays cool. Current draw proportional to load.

8.Usable high speed torque. Maintains rated torque to 90% of NL RPM

9.Audibly quiet at high speeds.

10.Resonance and vibration free operation.

Above briefly mentioned the advantages of Dc Servo Motor for your ref.If you would like to know more info then click the links below  /  Thank you !